The Radical Uprise Zine 031 : Takes One to Get One. 

This issue is a draft of sorts. One to develop a Paper Doll Army. Takes One to Get One is a letter-writing project, and this zine gives the run-down. Printed on beautiful linen paper, this eight page zine is sure to inspire you to write more letters. Hand bound. Cover art by Olivia Kowalczyk.

Sliding Scale. The shipping rates listed below are merely a suggested donation. Oftentimes I end up paying people to buy my zines (meaning I undercharge for shipping). The prices below allow me to make a modest profit on my publications. If you’re a dollar short and a month behind on your electric bill, I’ll cut you a break. If you feel compelled to send more than the recommended price, please do.

  • Domestic cost plus shipping : $3
  • Canada : $4
  • Elsewhere / International : $5

Send payment to : The Radical Uprise / PO Box 20233 / Seattle, WA 98102 USA. Include a printed copy of your address in the envelope. Print may be difficult to decipher after many miles traveled. Postage stamps and weather marks may smudge your return address.

I accept ALL forms of currency. Cash or money order only.


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