“I don’t document the world as it is;
I divulge the way in which I see it.
These are my confessions.
Stand on my toes,
Look over my shoulder,
And tell me what you see.”

I don’t know where I’m going, but are you coming with me? 



In my own quest for a utopia which may or may not exist, I have created The Radical Uprise to inspire and provoke folks along the way. My art is projected through self publications (zines), photography, and this blog. I do hope my creative endeavors inspire you to create your own. X



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  1. I love you. (: So inspirational to me.I`m a wannabe writer,film director,and artist. 😀 haha I love everything you live for.I`m also vegan. Me and my girlfriend are obsessed with your videos and awesome recipes.

  2. Hi Jetta,

    I was wondering if I could put a link to The Radical Uprise in the sidebar of my blog? I’m not sure if you have pre-made buttons for people who would like to support your work, but maybe it would be a good idea? 😉


  3. I would like to know what kind of music you like?
    Like who are your top five (or ten, or twenty :D)
    artists? Please make a post about this or something.
    Thanks so much for being amazing, cool, fantastic,
    individual, awesome, vegan, straightedge, crazy (in a good way),
    and thanks for being JETTA VEGAS!

  4. Hey Jetta,

    Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you are doing. You are original in that you are writing about self improvement and how to get happy and stay happy in a way that isn’t condescending and without any mention of Jesus or God which is a breath of fresh air. As a atheist myself I can appreciate where you are coming from, and I hold many of the same values as you. I just wanted to let you know that I like what you are doing and want to encourage you to keep up the great work.


  5. Jetta,

    Your wonderful and original In every way! When I’m In a funk, your videos always bring me back around! You’ve also inspired me, in more ways than one!

    – Angela

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