Greetings from the far away land of procrastination, disarray, and kombucharitas. Of Orphan Black and camping, of stubbornness and self reflection. Of working a full time job and a lack of inspiration.

That’s all changing (check out the newest zine).

I’ve taken a giant step back from the land of blogging, as discussed in my previous entry (see also: Burn Your Blog). However, after my sort of hiatus, I’ve discovered that the Internet is an important tool. It allows me to reach out to people across the world and share my work with them. A bigger playground. A more profound audience. The opportunity to make network worldwide. An infinite source of information and inspiration (and distraction). I believe Hunter S. Thompson would have exploited the shit out of Twitter. Maybe Sylvia Plath would have had a dark, angst-ridden Tumblr. It seems sort of silly not to utilize such a powerful tool.

The trick is not spending several hours a day wasting time on dead-end websites (for example – Buzzfeed and Distractify). Getting lost in a “related video” blackhole. Clicking and double tapping. I don’t want to scroll through Tumblr looking at pictures of summits and valleys. I want to stand upon summits and picnic in valleys. I want to sketch the sunrise and spend the evening drinking coffee in a foreign place. I want to press more than a footprint into the sand. I don’t want my experiences to be washed away with the tide.

I’ve had a constant love-hate relationship with the Internet. That’s why I started my Analog project – to encourage intimate, tangible relationships. But I realize that I can’t run away from technology. And the point of the matter is that some people would rather exchange animated .gifs than hand written letters. Internet memes hold more weight than post cards. While I still strive to promote a more “old fashioned” way of communicating, I can’t deny the fact that it’s 2014 and people have the ability to transfer funds from their savings to checking account while going to the bathroom at a crowded bar. And if I don’t progress, I’m going to get left in the dust.

It’s not that I want to be another cog in the machine, but I want to be the wrench in the system. To have and maintain an Internet presence, to wrangle a few souls, and run away off the grid. To share the human experience. But – everything in moderation. The Internet will not be a vast part of my life. However, I’ll be using it as a sort of scrapbook. A platform to collect and document my experiences. My stories and photography.

That said – we’re going in a new direction. recently launched and it will be the new home base. You have the option to read the blog, get in contact with me, and view my updated portfolio. My tumblr has been active for quite some time now, thanks to the queue. I still update Instagram. Now I’m going to put more effort (and a little more time) into my website.

TL;DR: I plan on getting back into the world of blogging. But only slightly. And just for now. I will be spending my time creating content for The Radical Uprise will remain as (more or less) a dusty old filing cabinet. The content will remain, the URL will remain, but future musings can be found on the new site.

If you’re interested in learning more, please follow the new blog.

Until next time,

I remain,

Still blogging,



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