Shop-Purge : Post Card Sale on Etsy



I had an intervention with myself and we’ve decided a shop purge was in order. It’s been yet another transformational time in my life and I’ve got to leave some baggage behind. I’m clearing out old art projects and hosting a store-wide sale. My baggage, your benefit. I have over fifteen post card designs in my shop at this time, so I am creating packs at an extremely discounted price. View the listing on Etsy (pairs quite nicely with the Mail Culture Button and Stationery Pack). I invite you to take advantage of this clearing-out sale while you can. The first handful of orders to come through will likely end up receiving an additional 5 post cards (or other various stationery). Stock up on cards to keep mail culture alive and well in 2014.

And, regarding mail culture – I’ve decided to put a hiatus on The Paper Doll Army. While I hope this project still continues to inspire people to write more letters, updates will cease until future notice. I will continue writing my own set of letters daily, at my own pace. I hope you do the same. Feel free to interact with each other on the Facebook page and find pen pals. Now get shopping.




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