Here’s An Idea : Post Card Puzzles


A couple of weeks ago I started receiving numbered postcards from my friend The Mister Lister.

When I received the first card, I saw it for what it was – a single postcard. I ignored the bold blue “1” screaming in the corner. I didn’t question the hands gripping the side of the cliff. I didn’t look past the horizon and wonder if there was more. But two days later I received another postcard, strikingly similar to the first.  I couldn’t wait to get home to line the cards up. When I placed them side by side, my smile expanded with the landscape.

Over the next week and I half, I received a new card every other day or so. Each card told a new story and revealed a new acre of this magical land. It infused the trip to my PO box with excitement as I hoped for a new card each day. Card ten came and after several days of a snail-mail drought, I concluded 10 was the end of my journey. For now. I suspect there’s more to come as I can see the crest of a new small island. But I’m not getting my hopes up (Eric, please send more; these were awesome).

Take this idea and run with it. Consider sending the cards out of order. Build a canvas by arranging the cards in a square (or whatever shape calls to you). If you don’t feed confident in your drawing skills, print an enlarged photo out and mimic the concept. Cut the large image into postcard-sized puzzle pieces, glue to a card, slap on a stamp and ship.

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