Big Gay Button Sale.


*UPDATE : SOLD OUT. Please read the edit at the bottom of this article. More buttons ARE coming. Stay tuned. 


I went on a cleaning frenzy yesterday.

Long story short : I dug to the bottom of the barrel, caught up on e-mails, revamped my workspace. I’ll save that tale for another sunny afternoon. What’s important : The purge was cleansing. Refreshing. I brushed the dust off some old ideas and found inspiration, eleven cents and a lot of gay buttons.

Hence, The Big Gay Button Sale.

I created a little over fifty unique limited edition LGBTQ buttons (or badges) using “retired” designs. Each one, like us, is cut from the same paper. We are family and these badges are a token of that. Someone in Toronto may have half of a rainbow and the other half may belong to a student in Tokyo. This means : No two are or will ever be the same. Fifty badges make up this family. “Family” refers to the batch of badges made from the same sheets of material. This is what makes each family unique. It’s a big friendship bracelet of sorts where we each share a token. Each button is numbered on the back, a reminder that you are part of something.

The holiday season is upon us and for many LGBTQ folks, it’s a dreaded time of year. But listen up : We’re all in this together. These buttons make perfect gifts for your queer friends and family. The packs are divided into two sets. A small pack includes five buttons. BOH (Balance on hand): 4. A large pack includes ten buttons and a pink triangle patch. BOH : 3

Since such a small family was made, I encourage you to spread the love. Keep one button for yourself and give the others away to queer friends and family.

DSC_0053-001 DSC_0053

DSC_0040 DSC_0042 DSC_0045

*UPDATE : These badges sold out within a few hours of being posted. Tumblr ate ’em up. I will be created a new family of limited edition buttons to extend The Big Gay Button Sale. There should be more to purchase by this weekend. Thank you for your patience. 


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