Introducing : The Paper Doll Army Mission 003 : Blind Contour the World.



This mission was inspired by my everlasting love for blind contouring.

It’s a fun, DIY project of sorts. In this mission, you will receive five blind contouring DIY post cards. The mission asks you to patronize one of your favorite cafes/pubs/coffee shops/etc. and contour a subject.

The focus of this mission is not only to practice sketching. It’s a tool to keep you in the “now.” The second part of this mission is to address the card to a friend and write a short paragraph describing everything you see around you. Describe in detail the people waiting in line at the counter. Turn  your attention to the artwork on the walls or the chipped paint on the banister. Write about the patterns and textures you see. Listen to the conversations around you. If you’re feeling brave, interact with them.

One of my favorite past times is sketching strangers in public and giving it to them. I recently visited Broadcast Coffee where I sketched the barista as I enjoyed an Americano. I went up for a refill and told the guy behind the counter I had sketched him. He said, “I’ll trade you the sketch for a cup of coffee.”

And that is how you score free coffee.

This mission is $4 plus $2 shipping to the USA. International shipping is $10 (I don’t make the rules). There are only THREE copies of this mission available online because The Paper Doll Army wishes to promote snail mail. A few clicks to add a product to your online shopping cart is too easy. I want to hear from you. Tell me about your day and send your payment to PO Box 20233 / Seattle, WA 98102.

For International Folks : Sometimes a letter across the world can take nearly a month to get from point A to B. For that, I am allowing international friends to order their mission pack online. Please contact me and I will send you an invoice via PayPal. International buyers can still choose to pay via the postal service.

The first five orders to come through by mail will receive a free copy of The Radical Uprise Zine 033 : Blind Contour the World





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