Visiting Port Townsend.



For me, traveling is essential. When my creativity has reached a flatline, when my heart has been bruised, when my feet itch and yearn for new ground, I travel.

I think many people hesitate to travel because they believe it costs a lot of time and money. If you’re taking a cross-country trip or venturing abroad every six months, sure, it can get pricey. However, you need not travel far to explore new turf. When I first moved to Seattle, I curbed my desire for adventure by visiting a new park every week. When you live somewhere for an extended amount of time, everything seems mundane and drab. Too familiar. That’s usually because you’re taking the same route from Point A to B every day. You’ve been in one place for long enough that the landscape is nothing more than a backdrop.

My friend Caleb and I took a short trip to Port Townsend, Washington. We caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island Monday evening and drove an hour to our cheap hotel on the water. Early to rise on Tuesday, we went to the Boiler Room for coffee and spent the rest of the day exploring the quaint town, visiting antique shops, art galleries and cafes. We spent a great deal of time at Fort Worden, exploring the vacant bunkers and walking on the beach.

Photos from my trip can be found on my flickr account. Please refrain from removing credits from my images or sharing without permission. All photos were shot with a Nikon D3200, all unedited. 





The Sun.png


Making Marks.png


fasda Cafdsfleb.png

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