My Two Year Anniversary.


Two years ago I cut ties with everything I’d ever known. I sprinted out of my comfort zone and found myself nearly two thousand miles away from the place I once called home. From a small country town east of Cincinnati, Ohio to the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, I replanted my roots and built a new life.


27 September 2011 with flatmates Char and Caleb.

I moved in with two strangers I met on the Internet. It’s less shady than it sounds. My friend Caleb and his spouse had intentions of relocating from Reno, NV to Seattle and I thought that sounded like a grand old time. When they moved, I visited and instantly fell in love. Seattle, to me, was like the new friend you meet and feel like you’ve known for years. It was a place I felt I belonged.

For the first four months in the new city, I supported myself through my online shop. This gave me plenty of time to get acquainted with my new city. I spent my time taking the bus to parks and coffee shops. I wandered around aimlessly armed with my camera. I’ve since hiked mountains, explored valleys, climbed rock formations and stomped my boots all over Seattle and surrounding cities. But I’m not done exploring.

It’s been such a trip down memory lane to revisit these photos. Inspiration has hit me and I am ready to pack my bags and see where I end up next. I do hope my experiences ignite wanderlust in your life. Here’s to another beautiful year. Cheers.

November 2011. Exploring Pike Place Market

Urban exploring. November 2011.

Patronizing new favorite restaurants. Plum. December 2011.

Celebrating holidays with new family. December 2011.

Las Vegas. December 2011.

Changes. February 2012.

Visit to Cincinnati. Exploring an abandoned amusement part. April 2012.

Visiting family in Florida. April 2012.

Hiked my first mountain. Rattlesnake Ledge, North Bend 2012.

Snoqualmie Falls. 2012.

Interacted with my first sea star. Bellingham, WA. May 2012.

Rock climbing in Vantage, WA. May 2012.

Late nights and early mornings. Sleeping on a plateau in North Bend. June 2012.

Bolt Bus to Portland. August 2012.

Rock climbing in Leavenworth. August 2012.

Hiked Mt. Si when my brother visited. August 2012.

Pumpkin patching. October 2012.

Mom visited for the first time December 2012.

Road trip down the coast. January 2013.

We painted our wall green. March 2013.

I landed an art studio. April 2013.

Traveled to Cincinnati, then to Florida for my brother’s wedding. June 2013.

Took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. July 2013.

Road trip east on Route 2. July 2013.

Still city-exploring. August 2013.

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