I had intentions to treat myself today to an acupuncture treatment and a visit to the Frye Art Museum. I left my house around 12:30PM and came to realize that The Pin Cushion didn’t open until 2PM and the art museum is closed on Mondays. Go figure. I decided to linger on the sidewalk for a moment until I felt inspired to walk down the hill a block to Starbucks. Starbucks is generally never my first choice, but it was the closest coffee joint, and the couches there are very comfortable. So away I went.

One hazelnut soy latte later, I had sketched two strangers and gave one of them (an older woman named Patricia) one of my post cards. I asked her if she liked to write letters, to which she replied, “Sometimes. Why?” I spoke of my letter-writing project and showed her my Bainbridge Island postcards, asking her to choose one. She was intrigued by the ropes, and accepted it, tucking it between the pages of a book she was reading. We both went back to reading until I decided I’d had enough couch-sitting and bid her farewell. We shook hands and she thanked me again for the card. “I’m looking forward to sending it to someone.”



WIth no particular destination in mind, I kept walking until I found myself outside Winston Wächter Fine Art.



I was intrigued by Erich Woll’s “When Things Go South” exhibit, as two of the pieces I viewed as omens.

photo 1-2

photo 2-2


An hour later, I was back on the street wandering. It was a peaceful, solitary day. Perhaps tomorrow I will treat myself to another museum. Until then, enjoy a few mementos.


IMG_2166 IMG_2168


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