Good Riddance / Rummage Sale



I’ve been a packrat for as long as I can remember. I like things. It’s not to say that I am materialistic. I don’t care about brands or labels. I could give a hoot if I have the hottest new pair of shoes or the latest version of the iPhone. I just. Like. Stuff. If I see a box of books on the side of the road, I adopt a few. I pick up trinkets I find in alley ways. I snag business cards at most venues I visit. Sticky fingers.

I live in small quarters. It’s a surprise to me my roommates haven’t cracked the whip. My “stuff” pours out and over, here and there. Some days I gaze around and realize how disheveled my apartment looks. As I start cleaning, I realize (gasp) everything that is “out of place” is MINE. And that said, I can’t bear to throw much away. I’ve either infused my things with some sort of sentimental value, or I still believe stuffed animals have feelings. It’s challenging for me to clean out the closet and not look back.

I suppose I could list some of my trinkets and clothing and art supplies on eBay. But, it’s more work than I feel like getting into. There’s always the option of a yard sale, but city living makes that difficult.

So. I decided to host my own mystery rummage sale for US residents (Sorry, international folks; you’re going to have to sit this one out…unless you feel like giving up eating for a week to pay for the shipping. If so, contact me). There are a few benefits of doing this.

  • I can make a few extra bucks for an upcoming trip.
  • My stuff can be re-homed to someone worthy.
  • I can get rid of old things to make room for new things.


You can choose between two flat rate box sizes. I will stuff the box full with random items from my closet and crawlspace. I have dozens of TRU zines that are no longer in print, just sitting under my desk. Miscellaneous craft supplies. Shirts I accidentally stole from ex-girlfriends I never speak to anymore. Stuff.

This is a gamble. You could score some really cool swag. Or, you could be sorely disappointed. If I’ve snagged your curiosity, but you want to play it safe, settle on the small flat rate box. If you feel wild, splurge on the medium flat rate box. I assure you everything in the boxes will be worth something (to someone). I promise you won’t be receiving any garbage. But, the word itself is open to interpretation. I’ve found some pretty rad pants and shoes “in the garbage.” You’ve been warned.

What might you expect?


I purchased this phone receiver late one night on impulse. It’s very typical of me to log into eBay as I’m drifting off to sleep and order something I don’t really need. That’s the story of how I ended up with this obnoxious green phone…that plugs into your phone…


I don’t think I’ve ever seriously worn this hanky. I don’t know where it came from or what I’m doing with it. And that is why I’m trying to pawn it off on you.


DKNY Be Delicious perfume comes from a time when I had money to blow and fell victim to a sample spritz at Macy’s (or some other department store). Another impulse buy, and I’ve hardly worn it because I don’t even like perfume. Go figure.


I don’t know the story behind this eraser, but it could be yours and you could write your own story. And then erase it.

That’s pretty must the gist of it. Are you feeling lucky?

Purchase a small flat rate box (only 5 available*) for $15.
Purchase a medium flat rate box (only 3 available*) for $35.

*For now/until I uncovered more “stuff.” UNITED STATES RESIDENTS ONLY. Please note: If you click on the link and it directs you back to the blog main page, that means it is SOLD OUT. 


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