Dusty Paperbacks / Writer/Artist Casting Call


31 January 2012 / Reading on Rooftop Island

ATTN: Writers, artists, book admirers. 

WRITERS : A new zine is in the works. The topic? Dusty paperbacks. An ode to the printed word. To mustard stained pages and paper cuts. If you have a burning passion for books, I want to hear from you. This zine will be an anthology of sorts. And this is your casting call. I am looking to publish 3-5 short stories/poems from readers like you. If you doodle in the margins and dog-ear your pages, I’m talking to you.

Topics for consideration: 

  • Relationships you’ve experienced with books.
  • Novels that have shifted your trajectory.
  • The importance/impact of tangible print.

Keep submissions under 800 words.

ARTISTS : If you are interested in submitting artwork for this zine, please do so. Quick sketches or doodles are ideal for placing in margins. Cover art is not yet decided, so if you would like you collaborate, contact me and include a link to your portfolio.

All submissions must be received by 31 August 2013. Upon submitting your anthology, you grant The Radical Uprise  and Jetta Vegas permission to publish your work. All works will be cited, so please include your name and website (optional). Write a short, 20-30 word bio to accompany your essay (optional). Include your mailing address, as all published artists will receive a free copy of the zine. E-mail theradicaluprise@gmail.com to submit your work. Please note : Not all submissions will be published. No hard feelings.

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