Takes One To Get One.


I’ve been withholding information from you, dear readers. Last week I released The Radical Uprise Zine 031 : Takes One To Get One. For whatever reason, I did not disclose this information to the folks who tune into this blog (but if you’ve liked The Radical Uprise on Facebook, this wouldn’t be news to you). In a nutshell, TOTGO is a letter-writing project I created in hopes to encourage snail mail and pen pals. For a limited time, you can sign up for the Paper Doll Army Elite. However, you have to send $5 before 31 July. This zine is mail-order only. Read all about it here. The Paper Doll Army Elite is an exclusive, limited time offer. Essentially, the first handful of folks who request a copy of the zine get special treatment. Think of Black Friday sales, where the first fifty people who survive the stampede are rewarded with a silly nick-nack. Except this is cooler than a snow globe that reads Macy’s in tacky silver and gold. I’m building a community.

Since the release, my PO box has been filled with letters from friends all across the country requesting a copy. What an exciting feeling that is, a handful of camp letters. Stay tuned via Facebook or TakesOneToGetOne.com. Arm yourself with notebooks and fountain pens; join our Paper Doll Army.

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