“Tails by the Wishing Well.”


I am pleased to announce the sixth issue of Dirty Boots, Tails by the Wishing Well. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but I’ve finally found stable ground. Tails by the Wishing Well is a short, eight page perzine unveiling where the fate of The Radical Uprise lies. Don’t worry; It’s certainly not going away. On the contrary, actually. I have bigger and better plans, and I’m ready to share the pie with you. I tell you, I’m cooking up a storm. Won’t you stay for dinner?


I don’t know about you, but the Mercury retrograde has kicked my ass. I’ve taken a strong interest in astrology these days, and it’s been a very interesting venture thus far. If you need a quick run down of the retrograde we’ve been experiencing since June 26, Gala Darling does a fine job summing it up. Cafe Astrology covers a more in depth look. Regardless of your faith in astrology, I find it too ironic that I’ve had to replace my phone and my hard drive in the past month. I’ve been on overdrive, and most folks I’ve interacted with have been feeling stressed out, scattered-brained, and just simply “off.” Things haven’t been working out. Finances have been out of whack. It’s piqued my interest. That’s the moral of this story.

Any rate, since I’ve succumbed to the retrograde, I’ve felt tremendously lighter. I have been taking time to reflect on matters. Things seem to be winding down, and I can feel the shift. I’m ready to put my Capricorn rising to work and keep climbing. As mentioned in a previous post, I realize I’ve been a bit disconnected. I haven’t been as committed to producing weekly articles or monthly zines. However, change is in the air and it smells sweet and thick, like warm plums and tobacco on a summer night. I miss writing. I miss letting my imagination run in an open field with a kite string. I’ve been holding myself back by treading water in recent months. I’ve taken the past couple of weeks to really sit down and reflect on myself, my life choices, aspirations, hopes, pipe dreams and actions. I may have been a little overcritical in some aspects, but at any rate, I decided it was time for a reinvention.

So I cut my hair. 


If you would like to continue reading this piece, I must ask that you purchase Dirty Boots 006 : Tails by the Wishing Well. Dirty Boots is my perzine – My safe haven. Much of what I publish to The Radical Uprise is for anyone. However, if you’d like to visit my innermost thoughts, I suggest you support an independent artist. As previously mentioned, Dirty Boots is going to be a cash only mail-order publication until future notice (which may not be ever). While I’m aware this decision may curb sales, that’s not what my work is about. I want to share my personal musings and meanderings with folks who will truly appreciate it. What I mean to say, is that if you are the kind of person who writes me a letter, requesting a copy of the zine, you are the kind of person who I want to read my intimate thoughts.

Okay; Got it. How do I order?

Tails by the Wishing Well can be purchased by sending $3 cash to The Radical Uprise / PO Box 20233 / Seattle, Wa 98102. International friends want a piece of the pie? No problem. I will gladly accept your currency (equivalent to $4 USD). You can expect this zine to ship within five days of receiving payment. If you are apprehensive about sending cash, money orders made out to Jetta Vegas are accepted. If you really don’t feel safe sending any sort of currency through the mail, write me a letter. Provide your PayPal e-mail address and I will send you an invoice. The whole purpose of ordering by mail is to disconnect from the Internet and create a paper doll chain. I want to connect with you in the real world. Any questions?




This site exists because readers like you choose to support it. If you found this article to be of interest, please consider a small donation or visit the shop. Thank you for supporting my creative endeavors. 


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