Do it and write about it.


I almost talked myself out of a bike ride today. Thick sheets of overcast were draped over the entire city. As I was speeding down the hill, second thoughts began surface. What if it rains? I don’t want to get stuck in the rain. I’m so out of shape; I just don’t feel like riding. Why don’t I just stay at home? Another voice told me, Nope. We’re biking to Fremont. I’m not sure why I was so resistant to follow through with my initial plan to go to my studio, but as far as I could tell, my main concern was getting wet. It’s just water; Deal with it if/when it comes. Go. Do it and write about it. A rush of adrenaline pushed me down the hill and it was decided.

This is the human experience. You may be surprised how many adventures are waiting on you; You simply must allow yourself to indulge. Let loose. Live. It’s easy to get stuck behind the computer screen or seated snugly on the couch, but the likelihood of you experiencing anything new is lessened. While the Internet can act as a useful tool, it’s also a huge distraction. It’s artificial. Go outside. Connect with other people and be a part of their life experience.

Do it and write about it. Blog about it. Talk about it. Draw it. Feel it. Do it. The way you choose to express yourself isn’t important. You don’t even need to update Twitter or Facebook. You don’t need to share the experience with others. You just need to live it. What you do is more important than how you do it, so long as you do it.

Enjoy a few photographs from my experience today.

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