‘What’s Good?’ Wednesday

'What's Good?' Workbook available in the Storenvy and Etsy shops.

‘What’s Good?’ Workbook available in the Storenvy and Etsy shops.

Due to popular request, I’ve decided to bring workbooks back to the shop. This is definitely my favorite workbook so far, and I hope you feel the same. This zine is twenty four pages, printed on high quality 25% cotton bond paper. There are seventeen days worth of daily reflecting, and other pages are composed of quotes and blank spaces for you to unleash your inner artist.



This workbook is available through Storenvy and Etsy. Each and every one of my orders are put together by hand, by me. You will generally receive a free 4×6 print with your order. As I told Facebook, I get so much joy sitting around and packing orders. I adore writing thank you notes and personalizing each parcel.

What else is good? ○ The Gardens and Villa Spotify station ○ Blooming flowers ○ Feeling accomplished ○ Tarot card readings ○ Iced lattes ○ Micron pens ○ Packing orders ○ Cuties ○ Riding my bike down the hill ○ Lazy days in the park ○ Cleaning my apartment ○ Mushrooms ○ Quinoa ○ Couscous ○ New roommates ○ Changes ○ Capturing life through a fisheye lens ○ Spending less time online ○ Making up songs on the fly ○ Giving and receiving neck rubs ○ Foot rubs ○ You ○ Leaving things nicer than you found them ○ Seattle Spring ○ Shaving the sides of my head ○ Catherynne M. Valente  ○ “Seeing” and “feeling” sounds  ○ Nostalgia  ○ Booking flights to Cincinnati and Tampa  ○ Shoes with no socks  ○ Making mistakes and learning from them  ○ Relating to other people  ○ New POVs  ○ Improvising ○


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