The Radical Uprise Zine 030 : Write More Letters


I’m so happy to announce the latest issue of TRU. It is definitely one of my top three favorite zines, so be sure to get your hands on a copy. As you know, I adore good old fashioned snail mail; I don’t want to see it fade away. I wrote this zine in hopes to provoke others to get in the habit of letter-writing. If you don’t have something you say, you can always draw a picture or send photographs. The goal is to raise the red flag on your mailbox. X

Printed on beautiful linen paper, this sixteen page zine will surely inspire you to write more letters. This zine features my own photography and doodles, letter writing tips, and an array of sweet snail-mail stories from reader submissions. Viva snail mail! Covers are printed on a sage heavyweight stock or cream linen paper, chosen at random.

Visit the shop to purchase an issue today. Thank you supporting indie artists. X

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