‘What’s Good?’ Wednesday


Lucky for me, I live in the Pacific Northwest and it’s still Wednesday. Where to start, what to say? It’s been another chaotic week of working, nesting into my studio, doing tile work, writing letters, maintaining my shop, dog walking, cat sitting, going out to Karaoke, making zines and trying to maintain composure at the same time. Let’s just say I have a lot on my plate, but my appetite is big enough to handle it.

Best mail day (see mail pirate). I received three letters today, filled with such sweetness. I also scored a pirate patch and some magnets. My shirt from the incredibly talented Kevin Wildt came today (and you can get one here). The image is from a hemorrhage arts show teaser. This guy will not disappoint.

I started doing some apprentice work with a carpenter. I met him through my part time job and he offered to help build my loft and cabinets in my new studio. After showing interest in the art, he offered me a gig working under him as an apprentice. I worked on my first gig on Tuesday – tile work in an apartment bathroom.This summer, I hope to work a day or so a week doing basic jobs with him (like restoration and remodeling). I love learning new skills, and this is definitely a trade I can put to good use.

The studio is creeping along. With so many other obligations this month, my studio set-up has been pushed to the back burner. However, I purchased a comfy rocking chair today, put up shelving, and purchased a foam sheet for my loft bed, an electric tea kettle, new plants, and other treasures to fill the space.

What else is good?  ○ Book smell  ○ This dreamy home  ○ Printing new zines  ○  Linen paper  ○ Bag Raiders  ○ Apple juice ○ Butter pecan soy ice cream ○ Sales ○ Sharing things ○ Stretching ○ Midge ○ Seaweed snacks ○ Being busy ○ Adopting new babes from Emerald City Gardens  ○ Compost ○ Paying off debts ○ Giving more than what is expected ○ Singing ○ Not drawing on my eyebrows ○ Dreaming big ○ Eating way too much pizza ○ My out-of-control imagination ○ Vegan parmesan cheese ○ Doing whatever I want ○ Micron pens ○ Getting paid to have fun ○ The fact that my life is like a TV sitcom ○ Cookies ○ Playing rummy and drinking whiskey ○ Losing my marbles ○ Finding new marvels ○ LIFE ○

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