‘What’s Good?’ Wednesday.

This post should be tagged “‘Where Is The Time Going?’ Wednesday.” It seems like every time I turn around, it’s been a week. I am hoping the chaos can be blamed on my limbo state, as I wait for the studio to be completed. This blogger needs some serious organizational boot camp. At any rate, it’s been a good day so far, minus getting disconnected to a friend on Skype. It’s raining, and my tea is just perfect.
  • Green thumb. My Peace Lilly started to bloom, and I am the parent of three new plants. I adopted two cactus plants from the nursery and my friend Lolly gave me a spider plant baby. My mom sent me a few house plant books, so I am hoping to learn more about my green friends, and for once in my life, not kill them off.
  • Evil Dead. I know, I know. Everyone has an opinion on re-makes, but Evil Dead won’t disappoint. It will make you feel uncomfortable, so check with people about some triggers that are sure to dwell in any horror film before buying your ticket. I would not hate seeing this again.
  • One day at a time. My studio is slowly getting pieced together. I’m meeting with a friend today who will be installing parts of my workbench and/or loft space. I’m so anxious to get settled in so I can share my lair with you!
  • Still collecting feedback for an upcoming zine. If you have any snail mail stories, letter-writing tips, or anything else pertaining to letters, please send me an e-mail at theradicaluprise@gmail.com. Today, Wednesday, is the last day I am collecting feedback, so be sure to send in submissions before night fall!

What else is good? ○ Emerald Mist tea ○ Atmosphere ○ Running errands ○ Dapper shoes ○ Thrift shops ○ Sewing place mats together to make rugs ○ Skype ○ Post cards in the mail from incredible artists ○ Placing Snapfish orders ○ Catching up on e-mails ○ Mashed potatoes ○ Learning new things ○ Mind of the Raven ○ Listening to rain drops ○ Inspiration ○ Making connections ○ RuPaul’s Drag Race ○ Sabrina the Teenage Witch ○ Terracotta pots ○  Photojojo  ○ Green ○ Feeding the birds ○ Domestic life ○ Finding money ○ Stickers ○ Sending letters ○ Rainy Mood  ○ Hobby Lobby ○ Tuesday brunch ○ Stretching ○ Massages ○ Good news ○ Three days off in a row ○ Changing my mind ○ Reflections in puddles ○ Smiles ○

What’s good in your neighborhood?

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