02.23.12 / Week in Review


After a late night out at karaoke on Monday, Tuesday morning crept up quickly. I crawled out of my cave around 830AM (significantly earlier than my sleep schedule has been permitting lately). Wanting to re-visit my place of slumber, I forced myself to shower and get an early start on the day (which, ended up paying off). I was able to tackle a huge chunk of my To-Do list I’ve been putting off for weeks. I spent some time at Analog reading my new favorite author. I’ve been a fan of films I’ve seen based on Palahniuk (Fight Club and Choke) novels. That said, I have been interested in reading his work since I first watched Fight Club, but never seemed to get around it to. I’ve talked all about the subject HERE. The point is, my Tuesday started out productive and caffeinated.


Avery and I connected around lunch time and I suggested we try and tackle some of the Seven Ways to Kick this Week’s Ass. I’ve decided I want to make more of a conscious effort to carry out (and document) a couple of “Ways” each week. The focus this week is getting out of the house. I know (here in Seattle, anyway) it’s cold and dreary, but that’s no reason to avoid the outside world. Today was an anomalous day in Seattle, as the sun was bouncing off the windows of the hovering buildings, filled with nine-to-fivers and clouds were few but a couple of carefully placed white bouts of fluff. VeggieGrill for lunch. I ordered the Grilled Chicken and it was delicious (The chili was too spicy for my taste).

After exploring three floors of antiques, a pair of cowboy boots caught my eye on our way out. Just for fun I try them on, and I can not believe how well they fit. Like they were meant for my feet. My Cinderella story. Better yet, they were half off and Matt threw in a handful of old film slides from the 60’s. Those boots have been around the block a few times, and they have quite a few more miles to travel. I admit I feel like a kind of super hero when I put them on.

As for the rest of the week?

I’ve been reading Palahniuk non-stop. I nearly fell in love with Choke. Next in line is Diary. Penguin Prison is still killing it. Their Spotify station has introduced me to numerous electro-pop bands like Holy Ghost! I won’t even begin to describe how thrilled I was to discover their song featuring Michael McDonald. Good stuff.

My envelope stock ran dry and I’ve spent the week re-stocking. An acquaintance of mine gave me a stack of Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose magazines, which are incredible for DIY envelopes.

I spent two full days lounging around watching Nip/Tuck. Newsflash: My life probably isn’t as exciting as you may imagine. I undeniably watch an obscene amount of crappy TV on Netflix, waste my days away watching pointless YouTube videos, while simultaneously preaching to “get off the internet.” I’m only human.

One of my favorite posts on Tumblr this week: 



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