Seven Ways to Kick this Week’s Ass.

  • Don’t be a litter bug. Did you know a glass bottle takes one million years to decompose? A cigarette butt takes one to five years. Be mindful. If you aren’t going to keep our planet green, who will?
  • Bring your own reusable bag. In Seattle, we’ve undergone a recent “bag ban.” Retailers are no longer allowed to use plastic grocery bags, and consumers who require a (paper) bag are charged five cents. Go back to the old “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and discover the impact plastic bags have on our planet.
  • If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. Thank you, Napoleon Hill. Click through to pick up a patch. We each have the ability to make an impact on this world. Your positive attitude could be just what someone needs on a bad day. Your kindness may be worth more than you will ever know. You may not be able to turn water into wine, but you have a power that may be greater than that.
Great Things patch. Available in the Storenvy shop.

Great Things patch. Available in the Storenvy shop.

  • Bookmark cute photos and websites as a go-to for a bad day. Some days we get into a funk and sometimes all it takes to snap out of it is a good five to ten minutes looking at adorable pictures of baby animals or reading a story that restores your faith in humanity. Start with some baby elephants.
  • Remember that someone out there is happy with less than you have. We live in a world of instant gratification and “only child syndrome” where we “need” and want the best and latest gadgets. Be happy with what you have before you complain about what you don’t.
  • Be conscious of the here and now. Use this mini pocket zine as a reminder. We only have this day, this moment in time. Let go of your worries and focus on doing what brings you joy.
  • Go car free. Do it for a day. If you can manage, go for a week. Plan your trips and make one outing, instead of several. Car-pool if you can, or take public transportation. Walk, jog, or ride a bike.

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