Seven ways to kick this week’s holiday ass.


It’s that time again. Mall madness. The giving season. Holiday shopping. “The most wonderful time of the year.” In this time of the hustle bustle, don’t forget that random acts of kindness can go a long way. People oftentimes get caught up in hunting down a bargain or living life in the fast lane that some humility is lost, and shopping centers turn into battlefields. Sidewalks turn into a wild round of bumper cars. A holiday that is supposed to bring people together tears people apart.

  • “If this was my job, what would I do?” If you’re at a clothing store, hang the shirt you tried on back on the hanger. Return items to their proper place on the shelf. Wipe up the mess on your table before you leave. If you worked at that establishment, how would you treat the situation?
  • Offer help instead of waiting for someone to ask. Some people don’t like to ask for help, but they will gladly accept it if it is offered. Be a kind samaritan and reach out to fellow humans. Offer directions to obvious confused tourists. Hold the door open for the mom juggling twins and bags of groceries.
  • Leave the place nicer than you found it. This one has been tossed around a time or two in my family. Make a conscious effort to leave places better than you find them. If you are waiting at a bus stop, pick up the empty pack of cigarettes a passerby threw (and missed) at the trash can. If you’re a gust at someone’s home, strip the bedding, wash the sheets, and make the bed.
Coffee at Vivace

Coffee at Vivace

  • Staple receipts to your purchases. Sometimes there are deals you simply can’t pass up. Other times, you purchase something on a whim and find out a week later you could have saved yourself thirty bucks, but without proof of purchase, you’re SOL. Staple your receipts to the tags of the items you purchase until you’re ready to send them off. Just make sure to remove the tag/s before delivering.
  • Give. Donate. Support. Many shelters (both human and animal) generally seek donations year round. Give up a small portion of your paycheck to donate to a local organization that is close to your heart. If you don’t have the change to spare, donate your time.
  • Practice good holiday etiquette. This video should help you out with that. Or maybe not.
  • Send a letter every day this month. Post letters, cards, and packages to your loved ones. As a huge advocator of snail mail, I will continually encourage people to utilize the USPS by sending mail. Each day of the month, take some time to let your friends and family know you are thinking of them.

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