Let it Go.


I’m currently reading Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It’s easily slipped into my top five favorite books of all time, and if I were to accept regrets, not reading this sooner would certainly make the list. If you haven’t read it (or even heard of it), I highly suggest you make your way to the nearest used book store and pick up a copy, or hit up eBay. It is divine. Long story short, Dan has a lot of questions, and his guide/teacher, who he names Socrates, has a lot of answers (and then some).

Three simple words struck a familiar chord with me, and I couldn’t wait to come home and write about it. Let it go. “You will be free of the world’s turbulence as soon as you calm your thoughts. Remember – when you are troubled, let go of your thoughts and deal with your mind.” In regards to meditation, Socrates states, “There are two simultaneous processes: One is insight – the willingness of attention, the channeling or awareness to focus precisely on what you can see. The other process is surrender – letting go of all arising thoughts. That is real meditation; that is how you cut free of the mind.”

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but I suppose similar words were uttered by many great leaders, artists, and teachers throughout the course of time. However, creating this positive habit will allow you to free yourself from the burden of negative thoughts and instead practice going with the flow. Let it go. Practice makes perfect. Write it down. If you have to write it down on your finger every day, multiple times a day, do it. Write post-it notes and stick them to the fridge and mirror. Download the 2×2 “Let it go” .PDF, print it, and decorate your surroundings with the mini cards. Set alarms on your phone to go off throughout the day. Don’t simply read it, feel it. Breathe it. Release it. Live by it. Let it go.

Traffic jam? Let it go.
Chatty Cathys at work? Let it go.
Spill your coffee? Let it go.
Trip over your own feet? Let it go.
Long line at the post office? Let it go.

Repetition. Consistency. Reiteration.

Late fees on your credit card? Let it go. 
Heart-wrenching break up? Let it go.
Miss the bus? Let it go.
Forget your phone? Let it go. 
Pimple in the middle of your forehead? Let it go. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

Are you starting to catch on? Say it out loud. Let it go. Say it when you mind begins to race, when you start doubting yourself. Say it when you find yourself growing impatient or worked up over a minor incident. Learn to release tension and anger. Refrain from holding grudges. Do not allow yourself to make a big deal out of unfavorable circumstances. If changes need to be made, put your energy towards action, rather than regret or anguish. Again, wise words from Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior, “Life is not about suffering; it’s just that you will suffer from it, rather than enjoy it, until you let go of your mind’s attachments and just go for the ride freely, no matter what happens.”

Let. It. Go.

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