Seven Ways to Kick this Week’s Festive Ass.


I suppose it’s only appropriate to feature a fall “Seven Ways.” After all, fall is probably my favorite season and Halloween is certainly my favorite holiday. Some of the following ways were pulled from the Fall Kicker. Limited quantities exist, so we sure to snatch one up before they’re gone!

  • Patronize local coffee shops. Pumpkin Spice Hemp Latte. Need I say more? Cozy up with a good book and steaming cup of joe. Spend your day/s off at a local coffee shop reading a good book, drawing, or simply gazing out the window.
  • Go pumpkin patching. I went with some friends a few days ago and it made us feel like children again. We visited a local farm and scoured the field for the perfect pumpkins. After a run through the corn maze, we spent the rest of our evening watching Hocus Pocus and braiding each other’s hair.
  • Take mini pumpkins to a nursing home. Old folks need some festive lovin’, too. Talk to someone in charge to see if you can participate in a visitation program of sorts. Be committed. Read this article about visiting residents. “Said one staff member in a nursing home, ‘We don’t want it to be ‘let’s go see the old people’ just like it’s a trip to the Statue of Liberty.’ An ongoing series of visits allows the understanding and trust to develop which are essential for a real connection between people of any age.”

  • Host or attend a theme party. Be it an ugly sweater party, zombiefest, or slutty police officer/nurse/kitten extravaganza, have at it. Consider fun “childish” games like bobbing for apples. Roast pumpkin seeds. Have a scary flick playing and have costume contests.
  • Spend as much time as possible outside. Collect leaves to press. Go cloud watching. Take photos of the changing season. Go for long walks. Meditate in the park. Soak in these last bits of warm-ish weather before winter rolls in.
  • Bake pumpkin pie. No autumn is complete without it.
  • Adopt or foster a black cat. It’s been proven that black cats are the least adoptable. Some people view them as “boring,” and others are superstitious. What better time to welcome a black cat into your life than Halloween? If you are unable to take on the responsibility of a furry family member, consider fostering for an overcrowded shelter.

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