Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Lady and the Tramp it. Get together with a friend or loved one and share a big meal. Split a sundae.
  • You won’t stumble over anything while sitting down. If you want to meet people, put yourself in situations where you are able to do so. If you want to explore, get up and go somewhere you’ve never been.
  • “Following the path of least resistance is what makes men and rivers crooked.” / Larry Bielat
  • Sit at a coffee shop and spend the day doing blind contour drawings. It’s a fun (and usually) funny way to practice drawing, you’ll get the chance to study human behavior and it may open up opportunities for people to come ask you what you’re drawing. Set up a little sign that says “Free blind contour drawings” if you feel up to it.
  • Accept everything “as is.” Don’t buy something / take something / become friends with someone / date someone with the intention of fixing it/them, comparing them to others, or holding them to a standard. Realize that everything and everyone is different, and you should accept them as so. The only thing you should work on improving is yourself.
  • Listen to Jack Johnson. His music is so cute, upbeat and catchy, it’s hard not to kick ass when you’ve got Banana Pancakes floating around in your head.
  • Start a monthly ritual. Have a board game night, a cupcake baking-athon, movie night or clothing swap every month with your posse.

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