Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Introduce yourself to someone. Each day this week, strive to be on a first name basis with a coffee shop or store you frequent. Introduce yourself to a person at your gym, or simply say hello to a stranger while you’re both waiting at the crosswalk.
  • Do something nice for someone you you don’t think “deserves” it. Call it “karma points,” or simply being a good human. Try to dismiss judgements and grudges.
  • Teach yourself something. There are plenty of YouTube videos and DIY instructions. Learn something new and do so with the satisfaction of teaching and doing it yourself. After you’ve mastered the craft, teach it to someone else.

  • “If it’s in your hand, put it where it belongs.” This quote came from my grandmother. If you’re in the kitchen and you pick up something that belongs in the bedroom, put it in it’s place. Don’t sit it down with the intention of putting it away later, because chances are you won’t. Do what needs to be done now now.
  • Share everything. Battle your “greed demon” and share any and everything you can. Laughter, food, music, good times, baked goods, love. Yes, even the last slice of cake. Be kind and humble.
  • Make people laugh. Try to get five people a day to smile out loud every day. Do so with jokes, dancing, hugs, stories, or anything you can think of. Attitudes are contagious and laughter is as well.
  • Give people more than they expect. For example, if you work in retail, treat your customers like they are number one, every time. Offer advice, opinions, and time. Go above and beyond in your friendships and relationships.

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