Zine Launch : 50 Ways to Ditch that Dirty Mood


A couple of years ago, I offered a .PDF download of 50 ways to “ditch that dirty mood.” I decided to turn it into a mini zine (a pocket guide of sorts) and now, nearly another year later, I’ve released a second round. If you are feeling a little blue and need a pick-me-up, this mini zine is just for you. Packed with quick tips and ideas to help you bust out of the funk! This zine is 16 pages and the cover is printed on bright card stock. Don’t take my word on it. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve received on Etsy from the first “50 Ways” zine.

 “Turned my frown upside down. Thanks.” / W

“So cute. Bought this as a gift (wanted to keep it though!).” / H

“I love this! Fits perfectly in the pocket of my purse, so I can reach for it whenever times get crummy. Thank you!” / M

“I love everything Jetta makes. Everything is always unique and she personalizes the package for you to make you feel extra special. I’m hooked!” / T

“Thanks for your help!” / K

“A lot of really fun and useful ideas! Excellent zine. Thank you!” / T

“I keep this with me at al times. Whenever I feel myself becoming bitter, no matter where I am, I whip this out and thread through it and pick something to feel better. Works like a charm.” / A

“Filled with good vibes.” / M

You can pick up this number in the Storenvy Shop. If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, feel free to digitally download the .PDF file. Your support means the world to me. When you share my articles with friends and family on social networking sites, donate, or purchase items from my store, it allows The Radical Uprise to grow and flourish. I simply could not do what I do without you. Thanks, neighbor.


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