Don’t live life like you’re on a diet.


It’s something I do and you do, quite possibly because we’ve been trained to adopt this mentality. However, let’s not forget that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here are some common “mistakes” that people make in life. Let’s not forget that we shouldn’t be living like we’re on Weight Watchers. Counting calories isn’t fun and refraining from indulging in some of the most delicious treats in life is a total bummer. Learn to live like a glutton.

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“Oh, but I shouldn’t.” Oh, but yes. Yes you should. Often we set our priorities around our work schedule, bills, chores around the house, etc. We feel as though we don’t “deserve” to have a good time when there’s work to do. We may refrain from attending a friend’s party because we have a paper to finish writing or a bank account that needs balanced. Take it from me – there will always be deadlines to meet, bills to pay and obligations to fulfill. Skipping out on that spontaneous adventure with a friend could mean missing a milestone in your life, or at least a really rare experience. Work will always be there waiting for you.

“…But you should save your dessert for last.” Why? Why would you save the most delicious part of the meal for the end? Many times we’re often too “full” on work and errands and obligations that when it comes down to doing something fun and exciting, we haven’t the energy to indulge. Don’t gorge yourself on work and deadlines until you’re bursting at the seams. Save room for the cake. And, even if you feel like you can’t stand to eat one more bite at the end of the day, take your friend up on that offer to go out for drinks for a night cap.

“I just feel so guilty for splurging.” Well, stop. There’s no need to feel guilty for eating everything in sight / stock piling experiences and adventures and moments. Take it all and do so joyfully. If the resources are there (whether it be the brownies or the camping trips with your best friend), by all means, take advantage! They may not be around forever (your roommate may steal the last piece or your friend may find a replacement hiking partner), so indulge while you can!

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“I’m just trying to watch my figure and keep a balance.” That’ fine and dandy, and everyone has their own set of priorities and responsibilities. However, just remember that fun and joy is just as important as work. Working 30 hours a week, going to school full time and volunteering on the weekends deserves more than a half an hour relaxation session all to yourself once a week. If you work hard, make sure you play hard.

“I wish I could, but…” Don’t deprive yourself! If that hot fudge sundae is tempting you, give in! If you feel that guilty about consuming such a delight, go run a mile to burn off some calories. Similarly, if you feel bad (which you shouldn’t in the first place) for skipping out on work a few hours early to drink tea in the park and read your favorite book, “redeem” yourself by putting in some OT or just working really hard the next day you’re at work. You can, and if you want to, you will. “I wish I could” typically turns into “I wish I did” down the road.

Moral of the story : Live like a glutton. Gorge and splurge. Take in any and everything that is thrown your way. If anything, spontaneously taking a trip to the desert or going on a solo bike ride has significantly less calories than half a chocolate cake. (;

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