Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Number one: READ MY DISCLAIMER. I love my readers of TRU and want to make sure you have a good experience with my posts. However, I’m not licensed to render legal, medical or financial advice. Period. Let’s kick ass together, but please don’t use my blog as an alternative to professional advice.
  • Take stress and pressure with great stride. Pressure builds character and apparently can turn coal into diamonds. (;
  • “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” A popular saying my best friend tosses around is, “Why not?!” Why not ask someone out on a date? Why not try something new? What have you got to lose? This mentality can open you up to a new world of possibilities.

  • Become a dog foster. There are several great reasons to foster a dog and this blog names 11 of them.
  • Give yourself a neck rub. Don’t even finish this article. Roll your neck, breathe deep and treat your neck to a little TLC. Chances are, if you’re reading this at a computer, you’re most likely hunched over anyway. So, stand up, stretch and take five.
  • Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to. There’s most likely another guest you don’t care to see anyhow. (; Sometimes it’s just easier to shrug and walk away, or blatantly turn down an invite to debate. Take this week to practice avoid arguments with ease.
  • Tell one person a day how much you appreciate them. Say more than “Thank you” when someone covers a shift at work. Instead say, “I really appreciate you being flexible and swapping shifts with me. It really means a lot to me and I’m very grateful for your kind gesture.” The phrase “Thank you” can lose it’s meaning since it’s said so often without thinking (i.e. “Thank you, have a nice day!”). Try to make people feel genuinely appreciated for their efforts.

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