Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Have a little faith in humanity. Not everyone is out to get you and there are some really great people in this world if you give them a chance. I’m not saying hop into the first sketchy van marked “FREE CANDY” on your way to work or school this week, but I am saying have some faith. I recently watched this video on Tumblr and it warmed my soul a little bit. (: Look for the best in people and so you shall receive. The opposite applies. Seek good and have faith in your fellow human.
  • Learn to be more assertive. Speak your mind and express your opinion. Note that you don’t have to be rude or condescending to do such a thing. Stand up for yourself, even if it means “agreeing to disagree.” Although sometimes it may be easier to let things roll off your back, other times it is more beneficial for you to speak up. You make the call.
  • Join groups on Flickr. There’s everything you could imagine out there from facial hair appreciation to all things green to photos from around your city. It will allow you to see what other people are doing/where they are going and ignite some wanderlust, and it could also inspire you to take more photos of your everyday living.
  • Climb a tree. Or climb anything that’s climbable, really. Release your inner child / monkey and go reach for the tree tops. Bring a book and use Mother Nature’s La-Z-Boy to enjoy some quality reading nested a few feet off the ground.
  • Visit your grandparents (if you’re still blessed to have them living). Take a couple hours out of your week to spend time with the old folks. Bring over some pastries or a small crafting project and spend some quality time with your elders. If you don’t live near them to partake in such activities, write them a hand written note on a handmade card.
  • Watch the paint dry. Most people would use this idiom to describe something very dull and boring. Imagine sitting and staring at the wall, watching paint dry. Believe it to be boring and it surely will be, but putting a different spin on it can make it fun (or at least beneficial). Take some time to “watch the paint dry” this week. Sit facing a wall and just stare at it. Use it as a means of meditation. Clear your mind, focus on your breathing and simply…watch the paint dry.
  • Comment with your favorite “unconventional” summer activity. Last year I released a “Summer Kicker” mini zine, which gave readers fun ideas and projects to do in the summer months. I intend on releasing another this year, and I’d like YOUR help. Skip the normal stuff like “have a cook-out” or a “water balloon fight” and let me in on your secret summer fun. I’m looking to create an action-packed and wanderlust-invoking zine this year with fun activities such as ice-blocking or camping out for a week in your favorite part of town. By commenting, you’re giving me permission to publish your idea, so be sure to include which name you’d like published under!

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  1. 1. start a summer collection–my friend megan and i are gathering sea glass (well, here it’s lake glass) every time we go to the beach this summer and i’m collecting it in a mason jar sitting on my desk. she’s collecting drift wood to make a mobile out of. i think it would be really neat to have a different jar for every summer!

    2. MAKE JAM!! you haven’t had fun until you’ve picked your own fruit and make some jam…it isn’t really that difficult or expensive, you can make freezer jam if the technicalities of making it the “long” way bore you. plus, when you are finished you have tasty things to eat, and what’s better than that?!

  2. 1. Learn to long board. It’s super fun and a great way to get around. Check out if there’s a long board crew in your area, they usually let you try out their boards.

    2. Wake really early and watch the sunrise.

    3. Try making a whole variety of different smoothies.

    4. Borrow out comic books or graphic novels.

    5. Send a nice random card to a friend or family member.

    6. Compliment a stranger.

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