Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

This week is all about change, inspired by my friends, Avery and Megan, who just made a life changing move across the country. Check out the video here, and be sure to subscribe to my channel! Let’s hear it for clean slates! If you’re not where you want to be, perhaps it’s time to make some adjustments in your life.
  • Remove yourself from a negative situation. If you’re unhappy, bored or just plain not feelin’ it any longer, make some changes. It can be as simple as removing yourself from an extracurricular activity that causes you grief or moving over three thousand miles away from a place you once called home to dive into an exciting new chapter of life.
  • “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” / Tony Robbins. Make some changes.
  • Downsize. I’m still in the process of moving from a huge room to one a fourth of it’s size. It’s forced me to be a little more conscious of the belongings I own and question what I really need. Go through a different drawer/closet/room each day this week and discard material objects that may be holding you back or down. If you find yourself too “attached” to said objects, find out how to let go of attachment.

  • Leave your mark in the city. Alright, this may be the only “illegal” thing I will encourage, but damnit, I am such a sucker for gritty street art. Graffiti and crusty, soggy show fliers and rusty staples in telephone poles and witty sticker art. I found an adorable sticker tag and since discovered many more around Capitol Hill – bear. They write cute poetry or song lyrics and leave their mark on the back of street signs. I’ve since started writing my own inspirational messages and been leaving them around the city.
  • Are you where you thought you’d be a year from now? Where do you see yourself in another year? Make changes accordingly.
  • Read Joseph Campbell. I’m in the middle of one of his books (along with about three others), but I like to keep it with me always. His words are thought provoking and may prove to be life changing.
  • Realize the only constant is change. Being open and flexible is an extremely important factor in a positive attitude. Being open to changes allows you to not be phased when situations arise that damper your plans. For example, detours on long road trips, a co-worker calling in sick, forcing you to work later than anticipated, the market being out of your favorite baked good, etc. Taking life as it comes, appreciating each moment for what it is and letting the good times roll sometimes takes a lot of practice, but it’s certainly possible.
Download the .PDF file for free HERE. (:

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