Massive Sale! Moody Gemini airlines, discontinued designs and skull baggies.


Short and sweet, I am trying to raise some money to visit my friends and family, whom I miss dearly. I intend to travel from Seattle to Cincinnati to Tampa to Seattle. Airline prices are weird and fluctuate more than a PMSing Gemini’s mood on a full moon, so I’ve gotta be ready to book at any moment in time. Tricky tricky.

I’m hosting a massive sale to make room for a bunch of radical new products and, of course, raise money for a plane ticket. With coupon code CINCINNATI, you will save 15% your entire purchase in the Storenvy shop! You could always simply donate as well. I won’t object.

I’ve got a lot of buttons floating around (mostly discontinued designs), so I decided to make over-stock bags made up of 50 random designs for a ridiculously low price of $20.00. The buttons will be various designs, but if you leave a note asking nicely to try and include more of one type (Queer, Feminist, Veg, etc), I’ll do my best to cater to you.

 The sale is valid in my Storenvy shop only. Please note that this coupon code is NOT applicable in the Etsy shop.

As if you needed another reason to get in on this action, I’ve compiled a short list. I understand that some folks aren’t swayed by a mere bargain, so here goes it.

  • It’s a very limited time sale. I can honestly say it’s extremely unlikely for me to be hosting a sale this big ever again. For real real. I’ll probably never drop prices this low, so take advantage while you can.
  •  You’re supporting DIY and that’s extremely admirable of you. For me, personally, it always leaves a feel-good lingering musk when I buy local or support an artist directly. All buttons and zines are made with my own two mitts, most likely sitting in my bed in my underwear watching Daria or Freaks and Geeks. Now that’s a purchase you can feel good about.
  •  Personal touch. I pack and handle all orders myself. I leave a personal, handwritten note with every order because I think that a personal touch is an important part of supporting DIY or local artists. It makes me feel good knowing someone took the extra time to put love and care into my order, and I want you to feel the same way.
  •  Every (small) envelope is hand crafted from recycled magazines. They look rad and they’re fashioned with my own paws. No two envelopes are the same.
  • You get a hella good deal. You’re saving a bunch of money and that’s something that rules. Anyone and everyone will agree.
  •  All button close-out packs come in a super fancy skull baggy. These bags have been lying around for some good time. I’ve been waiting to use them for just the right occasion and I think this is it.
  • It’s the last run of some designs! I’m not keeping all designs on board, so it’s likely your favorite design could be nixed.
  • You’ll be spreading joy. Plain and simple. Your purchase is helping me get my ass across the country to spend some much needed time with my friends and family. It’d just be a super nice gesture on your part. My mother is my best friend and this is the longest time I’ve ever spent away from my parents. Plus, I miss my little doggie.

That’s it, folks. Your support is, as always, appreciated like mad. I am so grateful for all of my readers and supporters of my creative endeavors. ❤


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