Live in the moment. Live for the moment.


| Self / Washington Park Arboretum |

Remaining stagnant means you’re not moving forward. If life is a journey, what good does it do to wade in one place? You can swim with or against the current. Neither is “right” or “wrong.” Some folks like a challenge and other want to take it easy. Regardless, either one involves motion. Holding on to past memories/experiences/emotions/feelings/beings act as weights and chains, disabling us from reaching new heights. Should you allow yourself to hoard pieces of the past, you will eventually become overloaded and pulled under the current. Let it go. Swim on.

Emotional and mental cleansing is vital for growth and achievement.

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  1. One of my hardest struggles. ❤ I'm in a hard situation that I really need positivity to survive. I wish I was strong like you. 🙂 You're very inspiring.

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