Forever Alone.

Disclaimer: This post is for the lonely folks who won’t stop complaining about not having a boy/girlfriend on this pointless holiday. This post is also for entertainment purposes only. I’m not very funny, but here’s a little dose of my sad attempt at humor. Bear with me. Also, the only real reason for this post is to announce a sale. So you might just want to skip to the end of the paragraph. Cheers.

Valentine’s Day. People on Facebook are on one side of the fence or the other. I’m sure this won’t even be the only anti-Valentine’s Day post. That said, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Folks are either talking about the sweet things they and their significant other are going to do, or they’re complaining about what an awful holiday it is and how lonely they are. This is why I simply don’t celebrate holidays anymore. They’re silly (to me), revolve around the obligatory exchanging of gifts and making folks who aren’t in a relationship seem alienated from society, left sobbing at home in bed with their cat and a carton of ice cream. Alright, so perhaps that last bullet point was a bit extreme, but bear with me.

Single? Don’t fret. Here’s a small bit to make you feel a little better this “holiday” season. (; The same folks who are getting bummed out about being alone on Valentine’s day are (generally) the same folks who look at the cover of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ or Details and get bummed out because theirs doesn’t reflect the Photoshop’d, cropped, edited, mannequin-looking person looking back at them. Why? Influence. Expectations. Fairy tales, maybe. Because society has painted some silly picture of what we “should” strive for. Chocolates and flowers and silly stuffed animals on Valentine’s day? Says who? Hallmark? Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by the norm, the standard or expectations of others and bloody greeting card companies. Why do we feel the need to be paired up around the holidays? Because that’s what has been engrained in us. But, things aren’t always what they seem. The folks who have someone on Vday are the same folks dealing with their spouse working late and not spending enough time with me, leaving the dishes in the sink or hogging the covers at night. Alright, alright, I know this post isn’t a typical TRU post. I promise my intention is not to be “negative.” It’s supposed to be humorous, but I’m not very funny so…this is the best I can do. (;

Moving along.

Let you complete you. We are not a half, searching for the other puzzle piece that fits, compliments and completes us.

That said, for those of you still moping about not having anyone to share this lovey-dovey holiday with, why don’t you treat yourself? I’m hosting a sale in my Storenvy for you loners out there. Coupon code FOREVER ALONE gets you 10% off everything in the shop, AND a free Forever Alone meme dude button (pictured above) with every button order. That’s right. As if posting all over Facebook how sad you are about not having a significant other isn’t enough, you can wear it on your shirt or favorite bag as well, now. (; Boom. GO SHOPPIN’.


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