Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.


And this week, it’s all about you, baby. Let’s get started.

  • Do something you said you’d never do. Because 1.) You should “never say never” and 2.) Trying new things can be fun and exciting (and sometimes awful and regrettable). (;
  • Write a list of fifty things you love about yourself. Give your ego a little stroke. When you complete the list, hang it somewhere you will see it every day. Don’t fret. Although it may seem a little easy for the ego maniac to jot down fifty things proclaiming self love, you may find it more challenging than you anticipated. If it seems a bit overwhelming, write down ten things a day.
  • Redefine normal. What is normal, really? What do you do when no one’s around? Do you suppress parts of yourself for fear of being looked at as “weird” or “gross” even? I say, who cares? We are human and we all have our own strange quirks, most of which we wouldn’t dare let anyone else know we do. Funny thing about that is, there are most likely hundreds of thousands of other folks who have the same mentality. At least on the topic of food, you’re not alone. Have you seen the “real” ways to eat foods? Don’t deny it. We’re all “weird.” So let’s stop suppressing it and muck up the waters that define the norm.

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  • Practice body positivity. I mean really practice it. I’m sure I’ve posted about the topic in a previous post, but I think it could use a little refreshing. There are some folks I know who claim to be body positive, yet will post things like “when did this become hotter than this?” or that obnoxious phrase “real women have curves” (because apparently my body type makes me a..fake woman)? It may seem like you ‘re being “positive” by bringing up a certain body type or size, but putting down another is not body positive. Clarissa Pinkola Estes puts it beautifully in Women Who Run With the Wolves. “The legs, they are meant to take us, sometimes to propel us’ they are the pulleys that help us lift, they are the anillo, the ring for encircling a lover, They cannot be too this or too that. They are what they are. There is no “supposed to be” in bodies. The question is not size or shape or year of age, or even having two of everything, for some do not. But the wild issue is, does this body feel, does it have right connection to pleasure, to heart, to soul, to the wild? Does it have happiness, joy? Can it in its own way move, dance, jiggle, sway, thrust? Nothing else matters.”
  • Ask your best friend what your main “fault” is and strive to remedy it. Perhaps your BFF will tell you that you talk about yourself too much. Take this into consideration when going through the motions of the week. Maybe you keep stealing their girl/boyfriend. Maybe this is something you could work on whilst traveling down the road of becoming a better person.
  • Interpret your dreams. Why? It’s fun and you could learn a little something your subconscious is trying to communicate with you. There are several dream dictionaries you can get your hands on, or visit a site like Dream Doctor or Dream Moods.
  • Use positive reinforcement on yourself. If you handle a situation well, by all means, boast. If you made a huge sale, helped a friend without asking for anything in return or you’re simply having a good day, hit the mirror up with a fist bump or take yourself out the dinner. Because you’re awesome.

We good? Good. (:

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  1. Loved this, makes a brilliant start to my monday morning and to a wonderful week! Thank you for your inspiring works :3 They lift the soul to better places 🙂

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