Seven Ways to Kick This Week’s Ass.

  • Do a somersault. Because, let’s face it – When is the last time you did a somersault? Do three if you feel like it. If you’re feeling really adventurous, do one in public (at the library, on the bus, at the grocery, etc). I’ve never seen a sign posted that says, “No Somersaults.”  Yet.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Shamelessly self promoting myself, and it will kick my week’s ass if you do. (; PLUS, I generally post a new video every week, including a podcast of this “Seven Ways” article!
  • “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” / Helen Keller. The best part about this is that you can choose whether it’s a great big adventure or not.

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  • Read “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau. Mainly because I just did yesterday, it was lovely and everyone should indulge in Thoreau. “Walden” is next on my list, a piece I’ve been highly anticipating reading.
  • Zone out. You may want to do this on your own time instead of at the office, but in the end it doesn’t really matter (Damn you Linkin Park). Simply sit there in silence. Don’t move. Don’t do anything. Just stare out into the distance for a good ten minutes or so.
  • Walk a mile (or three) a day. You’d be surprised how much you walk anyway. This is an easy task for me because I generally walk or take a bus everything, and some days end up walking five to seven miles a day. Snag a cheap pedometer from a drug store and track your progress.
  • Learn to like something you don’t like. Take this week to flip your mindset on a person, place, food, or something of the like. If you don’t like something, learn to. If there’s a coworker at work who just plain annoys you, try to think about the positive aspects, smile at them and make a conscious effort to be accepting. If you don’t like avocados (shame on you), try preparing them a few different ways and perhaps you’ll find a way that strikes your fancy.
Have a stellar week. (:

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  1. Could you make the lists each week have a printable link? That way you could just print the lists and hang them on your fridge or some other place to motivate you. I enjoy reading them and would like to have that option 🙂

  2. you just reminded me of my irrational fear of doing somersaults! i have always wanted to do one (and have executed many half-assed, diagonal ones), but i’m just scared. augh! will work on it.

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