The Radical Uprise Zine 021 is here!


It’s here and it is magnificent. I’m not just saying that – it truly is one of the most inspirational zines The Radical Uprise has ever produced. So far. It’s thirty two page with a full color cover, and jam packed with reader feedback, quotes and many inspirational stories from photographers, artists, writers and free spirits. Glorious, truly. You can pick it up in the Storenvy shop, or continue reading to learn how to make a cash order!

The cover, designed by Olivia Kowalcyzyk, features a balloon in a field, grounded by roots. One snip and it could surely float away. That’s what this zine is all about. Floating away. I’ve never been one to capitulate to the norm and that’s what this issue explores. Anti-9-to-5-ers, free thinkers, dreamers and wanderlusters all throw in their two cents and share some extremely inspirational stories. Ben Malisow, author of 1,001 Things To Do If You Dare, has quite a humorous and entertaining take on life/living. Melissa Robin shares her joy regarding doing what she loves (which is producing absolutely stunning photographs). Alice, one of my all time favorite pen pals offers an extremely amusing and delightfully inspiring piece on taking the road less traveled. Alice has such a way with words, as I told her, I feel like I’m sitting on a rickety old porch sipping hot tea, listening to her tell stories.

Photographer, writer and reiki master, Alli Woods Frederick offers a dose of “Liberation from The Machine,” ACHoule woos you with her words of wisdom (she’s a walking sonnet, I swear), Magy Hoyer encourages you to do what you love with reckless abandon, Kriss Stress offers a bite of a reality sandwich (and I won’t even dog on him for “raining negatively”) and there are lots of inspiring quotes, a word search and some reader feedback. You definitely will love this issue. It’s true.

Yes, yes and yes, I DO accept cash orders. If you don’t have a credit card or PayPal account, no worries. The zine retails for $4.75 in the Storenvy shop with $1.00 for shipping. Since cash orders save me on fees, you’ll get to save a bit as well. Simply send $5.00 concealed cash to Jetta Vegas / PO Box 20233 / Seattle, WA 98102.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy today!


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