Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Make your number one intention this year to “Do Better.” Do better at your job. Be a better friend/partner/sibling/human being. Make it a point to educate yourself, appreciate more, laugh often, spread joy and just simply “Do Better” regarding every aspect of your life. Read more on the topic from yesterday’s post.
  • Read. Read some more, then a little bit more. You can check out what I’m reading at any moment by visiting my 2012 Reading List. Dedicate a couple of hours a day to adventures in fantasy lands or learning more about the history of your country. If you claim you “don’t have time” to read, I call shenanigans. I’ve been reading on my walk to the post office, as I’m waiting in line and on bus rides. There is time if you make it.
  • Host a pot luck. It’s a fun way to surround yourself with folks who share at least one vital interest – food. I recently attended a vegan pot luck at my friend Sam’s and it was a delight. Aside from the huge array of vegan dishes, it was a great way to meet new people and emerge from my cave I’ve been keeping myself barricaded in lately. Prepare for food coma. Wear loose fitting clothes. It’d even acceptable to break out the stretch pants.
  • Look for new worlds in puddles. Soon enough, I plan on going on a puddle capturing extravaganza (there’s enough of them among the streets of Seattle). Reflections in puddles are one of those small wonders that I find to be simply beautiful. Start a puddle reflection set on Flickr and share your new worlds with others.
  • Adopt a Body Posi mentality. This means disregarding any and everything Cosmopolitan, Glamour and other beauty magazines have to say. Scratch the idea of “beauty” that society has engrained in us and realize that every body is perfect and beautiful in it’s own way. And, if you don’t agree with that idea, realize that no one’s body is anyone’s business but their own. If someone doesn’t live up to your [most likely tainted] expectation of “in shape” or “hot,” that’s your own business. Never shame anyone for their body type because, short and simple, it is none of your concern. Let people know that you have zero tolerance for body shaming with my body policing is for losers button on Storenvy.
  • Expand your musical world. Take the week to explore new artists and genres that you typically wouldn’t indulge in. I recently got out of a Mary Bells, Brenton Wood, Al Green and The Flamingos kick. A few years prior, I would have completely dismissed such music, but it’s really quite charming.
  • Watch Adventure Time. Not quite the typical “Seven Ways” material, but, you will not be disappointed. Finn and Jake will take you on many adventures, and your cheeks will be hurting by the end of each episode. For those of you already hooked on the adorable duo, double your AT intake this week. (;

Stay radical,


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