Do Better.


Are folks still on the topic of New Years Resolutions, or is that an idea that’s already lost it’s glimmer? As previously stated, I am not generally one to make resolutions to bring in the new year. Nothing against them, personally, I just feel like more often than not, it’s something people say they’ll do and (sadly) never follow through with. They’ve got a negative connotation of sorts, I suppose, although many people find them to be helpful. Regardless, I’m not here to lecture you or provide a bulleted list of pros and cons to setting resolutions for the new year.

I’m going to sum of my intentions regarding 2012 in two short, sweet words. “Do Better.” I want to do better. That’s it. Broad, I am very aware, but straight to the point, nonetheless. I want to become a better person. I want to become more educated and cultured. I want to explore new ideas and uncover new places. I want to dive into new possibilities. I want to be in tune with myself, be completely self reliant, and shape myself into the best person I can become. Every day, in every way, I intend to do better and, simply, be better.

( I also intended to snuggle as many dogs as possible this year. )

On my quest to “Do Better” this year, I intend on reading more. A lot more. When I was younger, my nose was always in a book. Every year we (my parents, rather) would drive to Sarasota, FL from Cincinnati, OH for a family vacation. My bag was loaded with books. Even when my mother and I would run errands, my eyes were skimming words on yellowed pages instead of noting the trees and fields and asphalt roadways that took us from point A to point B. I blame the idea that I’m so “directionally challenged” on the fact that my nose was always in a book, so I took no regard to my surroundings. I’m not quite sure what happened, or where my desire to read withered away, but it did. I became wrapped up in the work force, as well as social activities and a hundred other things, I’m sure, that occupied my attention. I’m hoping to put a stop to this, and if the rest of the year unfolds as these first few days have been unfolding, I will have a very successful and educated year. I have been reading more than any other activity lately. I read whilst walking to the post office, on long bus rides, and I lie in bed reading until my eyes are screaming at me to let them rest. And, I’ve been enjoying every moment of them. Books have become my best friends again. If you are curious what holds my attention at any point in time, you can follow along. I intend on tracking my reading progress here.

The older I become, the more desire I have to learn. I have developed, as I’ve previously stated, an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I’m fully aware I will not know every aspect of the world. It’s impossible. There is much of the history of the US alone that is still, most likely unknown, having been lost over the decades, not to mention historical facts other countries hold. However, every day, I hope to feed my natural curiously and slowly chip away at the big boulder that resides in me called “ignorance.”

If you have yet to make a resolution or intention this new year, join me on my quest to “Do Better.” Perhaps this can blossom into something bigger and better in itself.

Stay radical,



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  1. This is my exact new years resolution 🙂 I want to become a better and I want to experience life, I want to live alive. I’ve also started a reading list! I feel like my minds so big, I might as well fill it as much I can. I want to listen to more new music and watch old movies too. So if you have any suggestions for any of the above you should recommend me some! Good luck, I hope your new year is everything you dream and more!

    • That’s exactly how I feel! (; Pandora is the greatest for discovering new music. My favorite stations I’ve created are Matt & Kim and Mary Wells. I’m planning on digging into lots of Emerson, George Bernard Shaw and Thoreau this year. I’ve got a reading list hidden somewhere, but I suggest falling along with my reading list. (;

      • Thank you! 🙂 I am following along your reading list as well. 😉 You said something about the alchemist, I finished it in a day! Got me started on my gypsy dreams, I want to travel now! I don’t care if I live in a car, life’s too short! I’m reading along with you Jetta 🙂
        Keep being amazing!

  2. I have so much respect for this post. Already some of your thought-provoking facebook update quotes have inspired me to look into where they’re coming from, and consequently order online. Recommendations come from the most unnatural of places, most of the time! :>

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