Something cliche.


I woke up to the most beautiful sight this morning. The sun had painted the cityscape a shimmering gold. But, alas, I was lounging in bed, preoccupied with my phone and decided to wait a few moments before I snapped a photo. Moments later (I’m talking a mere thirty seconds), I arose to document some of it’s beauty, but was left with disappointment, as the buildings were now lacking that piquant glimmer and were back to their grey state.

This isn’t something unfamiliar or new. You’ve heard it time and time again. Seize the moment! Live in the NOW! We like to think we do, but how often do we really stop to smell the roses? I’m not talking about admiring them as you walk by on your way to the market – I mean really stop to admire them. Walk up to them and take in all the beauty they have to offer. Let it fill and warm your soul. Graze the leaves and petals with your fingertips. Plunge your hands deep into the soil, so you walk away with bits of earth lodged under your fingernails. Really, truly, live in the moment and take in everything that moment has to offer because, unlike the sun that rises and illuminates the Seattle cityscape each morning, many moments will lack repetition.

Source / “Make a Wish” by  Raceytae

Our life is a serious of moments, stitched together with threads of excitement and apathy, success and disappointment, joy and pain. Without one, we may not appreciate the other. Realize they all work together to create this living, breathing, soul of life. Remove one of those threads, and you’re likely to dismantle the entire thing. Take the time to admire each other of the threads that make up your days, and the fabric stitched together to form your years. I encourage you to bask in the now. Make a conscious effort to do so. Remember – not much gets accomplished in this world if we don’t get our hands dirty. Had archeologist not dug up ancient ruins, we would be ignorant to the worlds that existed before our time.

I’m taking 2012 to travel down a much more self-fulfilling path. While I haven’t stated my intentions publicly (and perhaps I should), I am dedicating much (most) of my time and  interest towards absorbing all this world has to offer me, letting nature permeate through my veins, seeking adventure and life lessons. I wish to achieve a deeper connection with who I am and who I will become, as well as tuning into my “higher being,” if you will. Journey with me. Let’s discover (and make) something beautiful.

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