2012 Reading List.

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “What should I read next?” I myself am continually on a quest for the next good read. On this page, I will list a handful of my favorites. I have no intention to review said books, as my notes and reviews lie within the pages themselves. If I read it, chances are I’ve taken something away from it. Each exploration of a book holds lessons for those who seek them. That said, here are my recommendations for you. Here’s some Barnes and Noble coupon codes and you can join me.

Recommended Reading.

Art and Creativity.
The Art of Looking Sideways / Alan Fletcher
Steal like an Artist / Austin Kleon
If You Want to Write / Brenda Ueland
Positive Mental Attitude and The Law of Attraction.
The Secret / Rhonda Bryrne
Philosophy and Ideology.
Women Who Run With the Wolves / Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Way of the Peaceful Warrior / Dan Millner
Travel and Wanderlust. 
Into the Wild / Jon Krakauer
Education of a Wandering Man / Louis L’Amour
Off The Map / Hib and Kika 

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  2. i love reading about what others are reading! also, from following your lifestream, i’ve seen you’re reading some pretty awesome, educationa l& philosophical stuff and you’re totally inspiring me (for example; i need to read Walden – the book has popped up several times in the past month or so, i’m taking it as a sign)!

    • Walden is definitely on my list as well! It’s true, I’m trying to keep up on reading more philosophical texts, but this wanderlust kick I’m on is making me get itchy feet. Might just have to give up my life as a blogger to go…”into the wild.” (;

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    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m already on way too many “social networking” sites as it is! I have no intention of reviewing any of the books, and I certainly don’t need any suggestions, as my pile of “to read” books seems to grow each day. (; But thank you! I think the site is a neat concept, just not for me. xx

  4. Henry David Thoreau and Edgar Allen Poe are definitely one of my top favorite authors, they write amazing stories and perspectives. Thoreau usually always have me thinking and Poe always have me in awe’ great picks by the way, your suggestions are always worthy. I plan to pick some up from your list, expand my knowledge and taste.

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