More causes, more effects.


Perhaps this topic can be synonymous with my “Just Do It” zine. You want something? Make it happen. It’s cause and effect. More causes = more effects.

Cause-and-effect / kawz-uhnd-i-fekt / adjective : noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the results of the other or others.

The more causes you create, the more effects that are sure to spring from your actions. Now, whether or not these are good or bad things is up to you, I suppose. I mean, obviously if you rob a bank, the effect will most likely be negative (unless you get away with it – in which case, hit me up and share your riches with me).

It’s very simply, actually. In some cases, if you do nothing, nothing will happen. In other cases, “nothing” still is “something,” so you’ll still get results. What? Okay, for example – Say there’s a rock in your yard. If you don’t do anything with the rock, it’s going to simply exist. It’s just a wad of matter. However, if you unknowingly run over the rock with a lawnmower, it may ricochet across the lawn and make it’s way through the living room window. See? By doing “nothing,” you’ve still done “something,” and should you have done “something,” nothing would have happened. Are you following?

You could pick up the rock and throw it at a car (or your brother). You could kick it ,bury it or maybe even eat it. Of all the “causes” regarding this one simple rock, there sure are a lot of “effects.” And like I said, even doing “nothing” is still “something.” It’s still a cause. However, taking action generally means more causes, bringing forth more effects.

Am I making this way more confusing than it needs to be? Probably. I tend to do that.

Long story short – If you want to make something happen, make some causes. The more you splash around (the more active you are), the more waves you are sure to make. However, choose your causes wisely. Each action is sure to cause a reaction.

Now. Go skip some stones and get your paws dirty. Make some magic.


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  1. this concept is so damn simple, but it never really even occurred to me to think of it like that! thanks for the reminder! (also, this comment sounds just like the sp*m comments i get, but i’m totally sincere, i swear!)

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