Seven Ways to Kick this Week’s Ass.

  • Stay playful. Stop every once in a while to kick a pile of leaves. Stay curious. Wonder. Take joy in the little things. Unleash your inner child.
  • Practice being truthful. Don’t be flat out rude, but don’t be polite just to spare someone’s feelings. If someone asks your opinion on something, it’s generally because they want an honest opinion. Give it to them.
  • Release bad thoughts by silently screaming. Go someplace private, where no one will question what you’re about to do, because you’re about to look like a nut. Sometimes it feels good to scream as loud as you can – to get some of those bad feelings off your back. Unfortunately, there are very few times where it’s appropriate to scream your head off – so do so silently. Clench your fists. Punch the air. Open your mouth and silently scream. You should feel better. Or maybe you’ll just laugh at yourself and that alone will lighten the mood.

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  • Get off the Internet. Yup, it’s a plug for my newest zine. But honestly, I look a poll and about fifty percent of folks admitted to spending over six hours a day online. Yikes. This zine doubles as a poster, which is a gentle (and colorful) reminded to log offline. Snag one here.
  • Hold a mental pep rally every morning. Scribble positive thoughts in a journal. Shout affirmations, do jumping jacks, or even sit silently and pep yourself up.
  • Say “Thank you” twenty five times a day. A bit excessive? Nah. Thank the bus driver. Thank the person who held the door for you. Thank your server. Thank the bank teller. Thank your friends and family. Express gratitude as much as possible.
  • Create a piece of artwork. Sell it. Try a site like Storenvy, that doesn’t charge ridiculous fees for selling or even listing your item.

Have a glorious week. xx


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