12.17.11 Updates


Good day. I won’t waste time rambling off excuses to make up for my absence. What matters is I’m here now, and I’ve got some things I’d like to share with you. The holidays have been pretty mad, so I’m hoping by the first of the year, things will settle into place and we can start progressing. Fingers crossed. You may have seen most of this in the latest video (in which case, are you subscribed to the channel?), but bear with me.

  • Priorities. I will be out of town from Monday, December 19 through Thursday, December 22. This means my last day to ship is Monday morning. That said, orders must be placed before Sunday the 18th at midnight (that’s tomorrow, people), otherwise you’ll be waiting a good week for your order to reach you. Let’s face it, no one should have to suffer that long. I’m not making any promises, but I imagine as long as I post them by Monday, you’ll receive them before Crustmas (domestic orders, anyway). Get on it.
  • I’ve extended the Party In Your Mailbox until Friday, December 23. This will be the last chance to snag this deal. You can read about the details on the original post. Act now, because you won’t be able to sign up until the next wave, which won’t be for another few months.
  • I’m in the process of moving my storefront. Etsy’s fees are like a big blow to the face every month. Chipping my dental work and leaving me with black eyes (and an empty wallet). It’s painful. That said, I’ve opened up a Storenvy account : http://theradicaluprise.storenvy.com/ . I don’t see myself completely breaking it off with Etsy, since I get a lot of traffic, but if you will direct your attention towards the new shop, I’d be ever so grateful.
  • On the same note, there’s a couple of new zines released. First up, we’ve got The Radical Uprise Zine 018 : Smooth Operator, which exposes a few of my simple smoothie recipes. Second, The Radical Uprise Zine 019 : GET OFF THE INTERNET! I’m extremely pumped about this issue because it’s just a quarter-mini chap, but folds out to a 11×17 poster. Again, you can snag the new merch in the Storenvy. Boom.
  • I’m hoping to be more interactive on the Facebook page after the new year. Head your butt over there and like the page. From there, you can share photos of yourself with TRU merch, leave me a comment, throw suggestions my way for future zines or podcasts, etc. I keep saying I’m going to post more, but end up getting overwhelmed, but I’d love to be more active with podcasts. However, I want to make sure they appeal to you, so if you have any video ideas you want to toss my way, have at it.

I think that’s all I’ve got. It’s been a busy past week with a housemate’s birthday, wedding, three out-of-town guests the past week. Allow me to catch my breath. Check out my flickr if you wanna peak your skull into my personal life. Wishing you a fabulous weekend. ❤


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