Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Snatch up 365 ways to kick this year’s ass. It’s available in the Etsy shop, and would make a great gift this holiday season. (: “Seven ways to kick this week’s ass” has been an on-going article for over a year. Your support keeps TRU running!
  • Strive to learn something new. Break out the world map. Flip through the dictionary. Make a conscious effort to constantly be feeding your brain. Get an Orbitz coupon and make some travel plans.
  • Take advantage of all of your senses. Be aware of them at all times and don’t take them granted for one second. When you’re about to sit down for a meal, admire the textures and colors. Close your eyes and inhale the aroma. Eat slowly to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Dissect your city. Block by block. Alley by alley. You don’t have to travel far to uncover new places and discover new worlds. Generally it’s all about looking at things in a different light. You could pass an ally eight times a day and not realize it’s serene beauty, or that amazing graffiti piece tucked behind rows of garbage cans. Take a couple hours (or days or weeks even) to explore your city with a new mindset. Leave your phone at home and take a camera or sketch book instead.
| jettavegas on flickr |
  • Learn the “art of looking sideways.” Get inspired. Look at things form different angles. Stray from the norm. Notice that a picture or object can have a completely different concept if turned upside down. I purchased “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite books on my shelf. Ridiculously inspiring and eye opening.
  • Start a collection. Stamps. Rocks. Pressed flowers. Locks of hair from lovers. Alright, that last one might be a bit strange…but if it makes you feel good, who I am to tell you what to do with your life?!
  • “Everything has a value, provided it appears at the right place at the right time. It’s a matter of recognizing that value, that quality, then to transform it into something that can be used. If you come across something valuable and tuck it away in your metaphorical suitcase, there’s sure to come a moment when you can make use of it.” / Jurgen Bey
 Enjoy. ❤

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