Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Don’t let your fear of stupid hold you back. If your heart desires something, allow yourself to indulge. If you’re at the club and your favorite jam comes on, don’t hold back just because you don’t want people to think you’re silly/dumb/weird. Do what makes you happy and don’t allow negative thoughts (which mainly stem from insecurity) to hold you back from epic awesomeness.
  • Throw a party for no good reason. Why do you need an excuse to have a good time?
  • Spend a day hibernating. Bundle up and don’t leave the house. It’s getting chilly, so it’s incredibly tempting, yeah? Just do it on a day when you’re off work, unless you can stand to miss a day. Break out the sweats and comfy hoodie. Cuddle up with your partner/best friend/cat/box of cookies and enjoy.
  • Arrange a mini silent-retreat.  It can be for a day or a week. Get a group of friends together and go for a hike in a local park. Take in all nature has to offer, without the bother of traffic, cell phones, gossip or the typical noise pollution we experience on a daily basis. Unsure of what a silent retreat entails? Read more.
Annette Lake by Ellie Lonardo.
  • Limit your time online. I just proclaimed to my housemates, “The Internet is ruining my life!” They both turned and glared at me as I corrected myself, “I’m ruining my own life!” I’m not sure about you, but I spend too much damn time on the Internet. It’s hard for me, since I run a business and it takes place online, so sometimes it’s hard to separate business from pleasure. However, I believe I need to pull back the reins and take control. Set a good limit for yourself. Even if you have to write down your time spent online to keep track (you may be surprised and appalled how much time is spent), set some boundaries. Go read a book.
  • Try a new food you’ve never heard of before. Document it, if you feel the need. Incredibly hot blogger and maker of bad-assary, Twinkie Chan, documents her strange food intakes at The weird, spikey fruit in the produce section? Get it. You’ll probably love it.
  • Stop double spacing after your periods. An average joe may not admit this face-palm-worthiness, but I’m not your average mofo. I was taught to double space after a period. That’s just way it was. It wasn’t until last week that I realized I’VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG ALL ALONG. Read here. Apparently I’m the only person, too (as none of my friends will at least admit to it). I’m chalking it up to the fact that I was maybe some sort of typist in a past life or something. But I’m breaking the habit – tonight.
Hope your week rules! xx

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  1. Ah! I should have read this yesterday! Would have helped me overcome fear in a situation. Reading things like “don’t hold back” helps me not hold back!

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