Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.


FORGIVE ME.  I would have posted on time, but with all of the Halloween excitement, it just didn’t happen.  So maybe I wasn’t planning some elaborate costume or preparing for a wicked party – My housemates and I built a fort in the living room, and that’s where I’ve been spending all of my time.  Are we ready?

  • Guilty by association.  Remember who you hang out with may speak more about you than you know.  Remember in grade school when the shitty, ill-mannered kid you used to hang out with all the time would spit spit-wads at the teacher, and although you didn’t spit any yourself, you used to laugh and hang out with them…and sometimes you’d get blamed for the nasty spitty wads of paper, even though you never shot any from your straw you kept after lunch?  Yeah.  That kind of applies throughout your entire life.
  • Think twice before getting a gym membership.  So, I’m sure somewhere down the line the past year, I suggested getting a gym membership because I did (and was totally pumped about it).  Well, don’t.  Or at least think twice about it.  I believe I ended up going a total of 5 times, which wasn’t worth it in the least.  If you decided to sign up for a gym membership (or any membership or club, for that matter), make sure you’re willing to commit.  Perhaps going for a daily walk or incorporating cardio into your morning routine would be just as beneficial (at least more cost efficient).
  • Mind pedestrians.  I’ve recently moved to a city where I rely on my own two feet and public transportation to get around.  So far – driving folks have been pretty great (except for that one bus who almost ran over myself and three other pedestrians as they ran a red light) and crossing the street is no matter.  If you’re behind the wheel, mind pedestrians, especially when they’re crossing in designated areas, and especially when it’s raining.

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  • Do not feed the trolls.  Did you read the recent post?  Wicked.  Read it again.  If you haven’t the slightest clue what I’m talking about, march your butt back to the original post.  Everyone who participates in social media should take a gander.
  • Host a clothing swap.  Gather some friends together.  Make some hot tea (or chocolate…Mmmm) and clean out your closet.  Take five or ten items you no longer wear (and please, make sure they’re still in good condition) and trade amongst your friends!  Get some new pieces to mix and match and spice up your wardrobe.  Let’s be honest, you know there are a few pieces your friends wear that you’re dying to snag.
  • Do nothing.  And enjoy it.  Just sit there, and as Depeche Mode so bluntly puts it, Enjoy the Silence.  Focus on your breathing, not your Facebook notifications.  Let your mind wander, but don’t get too caught up.  Just chill out for a good ten or fifteen minutes doing nothing – and embrace it.
  • Adopt a pet.  HQ got a kitten!  We adopted her from a Tumblr friend who was forced to get rid of her.  Emy (the kitty) wasn’t in a good place and was getting abused and beat up by the other cats.  She’s warmed up to us, and although she stares at the chandelier all confused a lot, she’s a great addition to our family of weirdos.  (;

Have a great week! xx


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