Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Conclude each night with a gratitude letter.  Wrap up your day by spending ten or fifteen minutes writing about what you’re grateful and thankful for.  It’s a good way to reflect on the day as you’re about to drift into dream world.  If you go to bed feeling happy and grateful, chances are you will wake up feeling the same way.
  • Use less paper and plastic.  Make a conscious effort to refrain from using wasteful materials such as paper towels and plates, plastic forks and cups, etc.  Switch to cloth napkins.  If/when you pack your lunch, pack along silverware.
  • Start a club.  A friend and I are in the process of starting a rad, vegan queer club in our community.  It’s been a blast planning it and making fliers.  Clubs are a great way to meet new people, explore your city and make a difference.  It’ll get you out of the house (or at least away from the computer screen), and be tons of fun!
  • Learn to laugh at yourself.  Practice being more light hearted.  If you accidentally trip over your own feet or spill coffee on your favorite pair of pants, learn to laugh to lighten the mood.  Smile and shrug it off.  Stop being so hard on yourself.
  • Wash your face before you go to bed each night.  Although it takes a mere couple of minutes, I’m not sure why I see it as such a pain in the ass.  Does anyone else see this as a huge chore, or is it just me?  Regardless, your skin will thank you.
  • Make a collage.  Spend the week taking pictures, clipping photos out of old magazines, and doodling.  And the end of the week, make a collage using said items, ribbon, puffy paint, buttons, etc., and create something that makes you smile every time you see it.
  • Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.  This may be a struggle for some, but the self hate and crude talk to yourself needs to go.  If you wanted to be treated with respect, respect yourself.  The way you treat yourself speaks loudly, so project only positive aspects, and treat yourself the way you want others to.  Don’t settle for any less.
Make this week the best yet.

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  1. I hate washing my face before I go to bed but I break out really bad when I don’t…. All the dead skin and bacteria is better off swirling down the drain than remaining on my face and mingling with my pores and sebum. Just sayin.

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