Seven ways to kick this week’s ass.

  • Feed your brain!  Learn a new word every day.  There are plenty of apps out there for smart phones that encourage expanding your brain with new vocabulary words.  I use an app called Vocabology, which sends you a push notification every morning as a reminder!
  • Get more in tune with yourself through your senses.  Dedicate one day a week to really focus on one sense at a time.  In case you forgot, Karen, you’ve got five of them – sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  When focusing on taste, sit back and close your eyes as you’re eating and focus all of your attention to the taste of your food.  When you’re at the park, block out all of the background noise, and focus solely on the beautiful sights you see.  You get the point.  This will allow you to tune in with yourself, and be a reminder not to take a single one of them for granted.
  • “Let sleeping dogs lie.”  Meaning, don’t instigate trouble.  Don’t welcome negativity into your life by stirring up unnecessary circumstances.

  • Schedule a daily meditation time.  The roommates and I are all thinking about establishing a certain time set aside from each day to sit together and meditate.  Our apartment is positively charged, and it’s a great creative atmosphere.  Meditating together will allow us to bond and grow closer together, as well as make positive projections and tune in with ourselves.
  • Make dinner for your family.  Cook your favorite dish just because.  Surprise your spouse, roommate or family with a delicious home cooked meal as they come home from school or work.
  • Don’t answer the phone just because it is ringing.  In this world of gadgets and technology, somehow we feel as though we are bound to them.  As soon as our phone chimes to notify us of a new text message, we are quick to jump up and respond.  Slow down.  Miss calls.  Don’t return text messages right away, especially if you are in the company of loved ones, doing something that needn’t be interrupted.
  • Take time to appreciate each moment.  Stop several times throughout the day to smile and reflect on your current situation.  Express gratitude for even the simplest situations, like a soft breeze as you’re waiting at the bus stop, or a genuine smile from a passing stranger.
Wishing you the very best. ❤

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