Seattle, red kettle, Etsy and teal hair.


The time has come and it’s official.  Yours truly has decided to make a major life decision and move across the country.  I’ve wanted to move out west for as long as I can remember.  I always made excuses, or things in life would happen when prevented me from taking the dive.  Well, my apartment is all lined up.  My ticket has been booked, and many of my belongings are already on their way to my new pad.  I’ve also done a brief video on the topic.

I will be living in the Capitol Hill area with my best friend, Courtney, and their finance, Charlene.  Courtney and I met on Tumblr a few months ago, and after realizing we had 97% in common, it was obvious we were to become to very best of friends.  Court and I started texting when he wanted some advice on adopting a vegan diet.  I guided him along a bit, but mostly we just would small talk and have Skype sessions here and there.  When Courtney mentioned moving to Seattle, I immediately showed interest.  Court and Char had been accepted in a communal housing situation, but that didn’t work out as planned.  I made a trip to Seattle last month, fell in love, and immediately  decided that was where I wanted to live.  From there, it was apartment searching out the wazoo.  Char did a LOT of work, trying to land us the perfect place.  After a few disappointments, we landed THE place (or shall I say CHAR did).  You’ll get a full disclosure once I get settled in and can do a proper post and podcast, but just so we’re clear – it’s perfect.

I know you should save the “best for last,” but I’m way too excited about the view from my bedroom.

[ Photo courtesy of Char]

I’m still in awe.  I feel a sense of pride when it comes to this place.  Like, it’s the kind of place I’m going to be proud to bring folks home to.  I’m going to be happy to show my family around.  I’m going to feel good living in such a beautiful apartment in one of the greatest cities in the country.  I’m completely blown away, and the fact that I’m moving exactly 2,396.3 miles away has not quite set in yet.  Oh, and here’s our kitchen.  It looks like we live in an Ikea catalog.

[ Photo of our kitchen, courtesy of Char]

All of that said, it’s been extremely busy.  My part time job turned into a full time job with overtime.  I suppose I can’t complain, since I can use all of the money I can get my hands on right now (believe it or not, moving across the country is kind of expensive).  I’m working nearly 50 hours this and next week, so the pay checks will be nice, but it’s causing me to neglect other aspects of my life.

In regards to raising money, I am hosting a sale on Etsy to help raise money for my big leap.  With coupon code SEATTLE, you will save 10% off your entire purchase.  I’m including free gifts (typically a free button or zine) with every order up until my departure.  PLEASE help spread the word.  Visit the shop here.  I have a lot of books and zines that need to make their way to my new home and the post office has been getting a lot of my money lately.  (;  I’m also shamelessly accepting DONATIONS, so feel free to do with that what you will.  I’ll write post cards to those who donate once I get settled.  Also, there’s some revamping that needs to be done with the site, so I hope to get in touch with Evan and get some things worked out soon!

I’m looking forward to this entire process.  It’s something I’ve never done before, and I’m completely ecstatic to turn over this new chapter in my life.

In other news, my yellow hair is a thing of the past.  Dying my hair green and teal was probably the best decision I made this week.

I hope you’ve had a splendid week.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog (right side panel) to stay updated.  Also, I’ll befriend most anyone on Facebook.  Stay tuned!  Lots to come (including issue #012 of The Radical Uprise Zine, which is now in the lay-out process!).




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  1. I live just about 20 minutes north of Seattle and go to a weekly “Queer Young Females” group right down on Capitol Hill, actually. I’ve only lived here a few years and I love it so very much. You’re going to fit in perfectly.

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